Get to know Mets GM candidate Raquel Ferreira: ‘She is a star’

GETTY IMAGE - Raquel Ferreira treated image, in front of Citi Field

GETTY IMAGE – Raquel Ferreira dealt with image, in front of Citi Field

As the Mets’ front workplace search continues, they have actually been approved authorization to speak with Boston Red Sox executive vice president and assistant GM Raquel Ferreira.

And SNY’s Andy Martino reported on Monday that the Mets-Red Sox front workplace working with freeze that was expected to last through this offseason after the Mets worked with Zack Scott last offseason is not likely to obstruct a possible Mets hire of Ferreira.

Scott, following his arrest on suspicion of DUI and positioning on administrative leave, will not be back with the Mets in any capability in 2022 after acting as acting GM in 2021, Martino was very first to report on Monday.

Ferreira increased through the ranks with the Red Sox at the very same time Scott did, with the 2 of them part of the front workplace management group.

Now, Ferreira is a prospect to perhaps fill Scott’s previous function with the Mets.

Ferreira’s Red Sox period and increase

Ferreira, who finished from the University of Rhode Island in 1992, signed up with the Red Sox in 1999 as an administrative assistant. Ferreira then increased progressively through the company, ending up being the director of minors administration in 2003.

In 2014, Ferreira was promoted to vice president of baseball administration, and she was then promoted to executive vice president/assistant basic supervisor in 2019.

At the time of her promo in 2019, Ferreira was the highest-ranking lady working for an MLB group.

That difference now comes from Kim Ng, who ended up being GM of the Miami Marlins in 2020.

To name a few achievements, Ferreira is credited with protecting the extension that was signed by Xander Bogaerts in 2019.

“She is a star who represents everything our organization values,” Red Sox owner John Henry informed The Unbeaten around the time of Ferreira’s newest promo.

Theo Epstein on Ferreira

Epstein worked with Ferreira throughout his time as Boston’s leading baseball executive, and promoted her two times.

Stated Epstein about Ferreira:

“She’s the most empathetic person there,” he informed The Unbeaten in 2019. “She puts herself in the shoes of the players and understands what they must be feeling, where they came from, how foreign the organization must seem to them, what it’s like to be away from home for the first time. Not just players from the Dominican [Republic], but we draft 17- and 18-year-old high school kids [from the United States]. All of them have a significant adjustment period. Raquel does a great job of understanding that.”

Chicago Cubs president Theo Epstein in the dugout before a game against the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust Park.

Chicago Cubs president Theo Epstein in the dugout prior to a video game versus the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust Park.

Included Epstein:

“As the years went on, she became the backbone of all of player development. And then, over time, she became part of the fabric of all of baseball operations. And so, her perspective, her knowledge and her wisdom were desired in every decision.”

Xander Bogaerts on Ferreira

“I first met Raquel in Fort Myers at the old complex of ours,” Bogaerts informed The Unbeaten in 2019. “She was really helpful in helping me get familiar with everyone in the organization and teaching me how to do stuff the right way. … She was like my mom away from home. She’s a very straightforward person, very honest. … She builds a trustworthy relationship from when we’re young boys until we become grown men. She is one of a kind.”

Ferreira on her functions with the Red Sox

On working with small leaguers:

“First of all, I correct them when they say mom. I prefer older sister or the cool aunt in your family,” Ferreira informed MassLive about the small leaguers she has actually managed. “Being a minor league player, it’s a very tough lifestyle. You’re on buses constantly for not a lot of pay. Very few of them make it to the big leagues. I’ve always looked at our players as, this is somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, somebody’s friend, somebody’s nephew. I treat them the way I’d want someone to treat my family member. It’s kind of morphed into that role.”

On being herself:

“Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not because this game will expose you very quickly,” Ferreira informed The Boston Herald. “Don’t come in saying you know how to operate a radar gun if you don’t, or you know how to write a scouting report.

“I constantly inform individuals to be responsible since everyone makes errors. That makes you human. Owning up to them makes you regard, whether you’re male or female.”

On being a woman in a field made up mostly of men:

“It’s incredibly discouraging since you’re constantly combating stereotypes,” Ferreira told The Undefeated. “Individuals utilize various words to explain you. If a male enters into a space and he’s thrilled about something, and actually defending something, individuals will state, ‘Wow, he is so enthusiastic about this subject.’ If I do the very same, it’s, ‘Raquel, stop being so psychological.’

“You are constantly in a room with just men, and you are forever reminded of it. Even if you try and pretend to be one of the boys, or you think that you are, you will never be one of them. And it’s not bad, but you’re just not going to be and you shouldn’t try to be.

“A scout or someone else will begin talking, and they’ll curse, and they’ll state, ‘Sorry, Raquel.’ So I’ll state, ‘Don’t f—ing stress over it.’ Stop stating you’re sorry, since you stating you’re sorry simply accentuates the reality that I’m the only lady in the space, which is what I don’t desire.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.