George Clooney: ‘Rust’ shooting ‘insane’

In an episode of the podcast “WTF With Marc Maron,” which launched on Monday, the Academy Award winner spoke about the occurrence in which the movie’s star and executive manufacturer Alec Baldwin mistakenly released a prop weapon with a presumed live round.

The movie’s director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, 42, was eliminated and director Joel Souza was hurt.

“Why, for the life of me, this low-budget film with producers who haven’t produced anything wouldn’t have hired for the armorer someone with experience,” Clooney stated. “Maybe they weren’t even using that gun to do target practice, but they had live ammo with dummies in her pack and that is insane.”

The armorer is the individual on set who in charge of the weapons and weapons.

'Rust' armorer thought she loaded the gun with dummy rounds, lawyer says

The star stated he does not understand Baldwin well, does not think there was “any intent by anybody to do anything wrong” and called it a “a terrible accident.”

Clooney shared the procedures he stated individuals in the market are expected to follow.

“Every single time I’m handed a gun on set, I look at it, I open it, I show it to the person I’m pointing it to, we show it to the crew,” he stated. “Every single take you hand it back to the armorer when you’re done, and you do it again.

He said it’s been that way since his friend, actor Brandon Lee, was accidentally shot and killed on the set of “The Crow” in 1993.
Hollywood's tragic history of on-set accidents

“After Brandon passed away, it actually ended up being a really clear thing, Clooney stated. “Open the gun, look down the barrel, look in the cylinder, make sure.”

Clooney stated “We need to be better at making the heads of department experienced and know what they’re doing.”

“Because this is just infuriating,” he stated. “Every time I get handed a six gun, you point it at the ground and you fire. You squeeze it six times. Always.”

Checking Alec Baldwin's gun was not the assistant director's responsibility, attorney says

Authorities in Sante Fe, New Mexico where the shooting took place are continuing to examine.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.