Genshin Impact’s Paimon brings her annoying voice to the real world

Corina Boettger — the voice of Paimon in the English-language variation of Genshin Effect — is on TikTok, and her videos are funny. While Boettger technically signed up with the platform practically a year back, her account exploded last September after the release of Genshin Effect. Ever since, she’s welcomed her function as the irritating Paimon, and continues to make lots of Genshin-associated material to the pleasure of fans.

While Boettger periodically offers real recommendations on voice performing, a great deal of her videos include her just joking around and living her everyday life. In one video, she informs fans that the voice star for the character Venti is making a visitor look on her TikTok as she holds a venti-sized coffee from Starbucks.

While I value Boettger’s energy and her desire to engage with fans, I believe what’s most amusing about her TikToks aren’t the tacky jokes or the line demands. It’s that the account reveals you what it would resemble to live with Paimon in reality. (And yes, it is as irritating as you may picture it to be.)

For instance, Boettger has a series of videos where she’s depending on bed with her sweetheart and taking demands to yell lines like “SENPAI!” while he groggily reacts.

The very best TikTok I saw was one where Boettger finds out that her sweetheart avoids over Paimon’s lines when he plays Genshin Effect. In the video, she yells, “THIS MOTHER FUCKER RIGHT HERE SKIPS THROUGH MY FRICKEN LINES!”

When asked why he avoids over his own sweetheart’s lines, her sweetheart reacts, “Because I hear you speak every day.”

Boettger isn’t the only cast member of Genshin Effect to sign up with TikTok. Others, like the voices of Venti and Beidou, are on the app too. In one video, Boettger concerns an obstacle to fans to voice Paimon lines — and other voice stars did the obstacle. So in case you were questioning, you can now hear Erika Harlacher, the voice star of Venti, state Paimon’s lines.

This is simply a sliver of the material that’s out there, so if you’re a Genshin Effect fan, or a fan of any of its voice stars, you can now go look them up on TikTok to get more information about them and their regular lives.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.