Genshin Impact players share Xiao pre-roll rituals on TikTok

Genshin Effect presented its most recent character, Xiao, Tuesday night. While fans prepared to roll for him in useful methods — like conserving up in-game currency to purchase an opportunity to win him — individuals who wish to play as Xiao are producing superstitious routines to assist “maximize” their possibilities of pulling the brand-new character.

I put optimize in quotes, due to the fact that these routines don’t in fact enhance chances of rolling Xiao. Genshin Effect is an open-world, free-to-play dream gacha video game which utilizes micro-transactions to roll and get random products and characters — to put it simply, a loot box system.

The chances of getting Xiao or any other 5-star character in Genshin Effect are low. Under the existing banner, gamers have a 0.6% possibility of pulling any 5-star character and a much smaller sized possibility of pulling Xiao. So, gamers have actually relied on other methods to enhance their chances (psychologically a minimum of).

After Xiao’s release, Genshin Impact players filled TikTok with all kinds of fun pre-roll rituals. Many posted summoning circles with Xiao’s face and his canonically favorite food, almond tofu.

Others will just press a specific sequence of buttons and go to special spots in hopes it will help their odds.

Some people “manifest” on behalf of friends and followers like in this video.

Polygon spoke to game writer and developer Sisi Jiang about why they think these rituals have actually taken off.

“Honestly I think it’s because of the community camaraderie,” Jiang said. “It’s like demonstrating your desire to obtain a specific character. I don’t think so many people would be photoshopping summoning circles if they didn’t have people to share them with.

“I mean at the end of the day, most of my friends know that the actual rates of getting a specific character are awful.”

Again, I would like to stress, none of these rituals will actually help chances of rolling Xiao. If you want to actually get better at the video game, you’re much better off having a look at some guides. Nevertheless, sort of like utilizing a set of fortunate underclothing or superstitious notions in Pokémon, the practice has actually truly captured on with fans.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.