Genius makes horrible goose game honks 10,000 times worse on TikTok

All of us laughed at the awful bird from Untitled Goose Video Game, and his belligerent honking at bad, defenseless villagers. The goose appeared all over in 2019, from Homeowner Evil 2 mods to Dungeons & Dragons. There’s still lots of magic to be mined from the initial video game, nevertheless, as one TikTok genius skillfully revealed.

Trevstopher published the minute-long video, which reveals him beeping at a frightened kid. Then, he proceeds and remaps the honk secret to his mouse wheel. With a little work, he’s getting countless honks per minute out of that goose, which is quite excellent on a technical level.

Completion outcome is type of hypnotic; I’ve enjoyed it on a loop about 2 lots times, enchanted by the spinning mouse wheel and the growing impact the goose puts in on its environments.

While part of the appeal of Untitled Goose Games remains in fixing basic puzzles and taking pleasure in a comfortable environment, the majority of the video game’s delight originates from being a terrible bully of a goose, so this TikTok actually cuts ideal to the chase. Designer Panic Panic included a regional co-op mode in Sept. 2020, that included a 2nd goose with their own special honk.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.