Gary Gulman’s journey from ‘The Great Depresh’ to Carnegie Hall

Gulman’s had rather a journey through the depths of debilitating anxiety to a brand-new 90-minute program, “Born On 3rd Base,” which he will carry out at Carnegie on November 13 as part of the New york city Funny Celebration. Gulman’s 2019 HBO unique “The Great Depresh,” covered a bout of anxiety he experienced that landed him in the health center.

This unique, he informs CNN, is a little less heavy.

“It’s still autobiographical, but it’s more about my childhood, of being on free lunch and food stamps and welfare and just, I guess stories in a funny way about how we’ve treated poor kids in America,” Gulman states. “And also some stories of income inequality in my observation and financial insecurity in America and how it relates to my life.”

Gulman states although the topic is severe, he states it’s “probably my funniest special so far.”

Gulman composed the set over the previous 18 months, throughout which he likewise penned a narrative. Although he’s not sure anxiety can ever be treated, he states he remains in a better location now.

“I’m doing great. I think kind of one of the benefits of having been through such a severe and extensive bout of depression is that I’m really aware. I would say vigilant about any sort of signs that I need to adjust my behavior in order to ward off another bout,” Gulman shares. “I exercise nearly every day and I eat right and I go to my therapist and I take my medicine. I’m hyperaware of what I need to do to make sure that mood and my mental health is maintained. I’m grateful for that.”

He has had shorter durations of anxiety, Gulman states, but his recovery is quicker and the bouts have never been as bad as the one he covers in “The Great Depresh.”

Gulman can also be seen in the upcoming Amy Schumer Hulu project “Life and Beth.” He states he enjoyed playing Schlomo, an observant Jewish man who loves people.

“I got a really fun part on that and got to hang around with Amy and Michael [Rapaport] and other comedians on the show, and it was really, it was so much fun,” he states. “The show is really funny and well-written, and she’s such a great actress and comedian and a friend.”

As for Carnegie Hall, Gulman calls it a dream come true.

“I mean, look, it’s Carnegie Hall,” he states. “My dreams were never audacious enough to really dream of performing it at Carnegie Hall. It’s really a dream come true.”

The NY Funny Fest goes through November 14.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.