Galaxy Brains: a new movie & TV podcast about questions you forgot to ask

Is Zack Snyder’s Superman the very best on-screen Superman? Did the Mighty Ducks end up being a biting satire of reboot culture? Is Godzilla now a metaphor for your father?

Welcome to Galaxy Brains, a brand-new home entertainment podcast hosted by friends and funny partners Dave Schilling (The Ringer’s The Masked Guy Program) and Jonah Ray Rodrigues (Secret Science Theater 3000: The Return). Dave and Jonah start with the Sensible Brain, overanalyze with the Vital Brain, concern whatever with the Interrogation Brain, and, obviously, reach the Galaxy Brain with a brand-new discovery. Here’s the trailer:

Dave and Jonah won’t do it alone. Weekly, a professional visitor — from fellow comics to developers to academic authorities — joins our hosts to dig much deeper into the subject of the day. Their objective? To find connections that you never ever even thought about. It’s like a knowledge-driven, connecting-the-dots Reddit thread in podcast type (however, you understand, from among the excellent subreddits).

To feel the rush of Galaxy Brains, listen to the trailer for the program above, and follow on Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast app to instantly get brand-new episodes. The best episodes drop next week, on April 22, with brand-new installations every Thursday. You can likewise follow the program on Twitter for recent updates and highlights.

About our hosts:

Dave Schilling is an author, humorist, and podcast host whose work has actually been included in The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker, New York City Publication, and other publications with “New York” in the title. He was the co-host of The Ringer’s fumbling podcast, The Masked Guy Program, for 2 years, prior to leaping to WWE to work on its TELEVISION composing personnel. He was just recently a co-executive manufacturer of YouTube’s Black Renaissance unique, launched in February 2021.

Jonah Ray Rodrigues is a star, author, director, and comic who established a program with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon called The Crisis with Jonah & Kumail, which ran for 3 seasons on Funny Central. Just recently, Jonah was the lead on Netflix’s Secret Science Theater 3000: The Return and has actually likewise appeared in IFC’s Maron, Garfunkel and Oates, Stan Versus Evil, Much Better Things, and The League. He was likewise included in Victor Crowley, Blumhouse’s Pooka Lives, and How to Discourage a Burglar, a main choice for Great Fest.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.