Gaines Twp. residents nervous about having no more local police officers | News

No authorities department is the truth for Genesee County’s Gaines Town.

No authorities department is the truth for Genesee County’s Gaines Town.

“It kind of makes me nervous,” stated resident Mandy Utter.

Utter stated the regional police officers are the factor she lets her young kids stroll to class.

“They’re up there every day. The cop is up there watching the kids walk in the school and after school he’s sitting up there waiting for them to come out,” Utter stated.

Considering that the police officer will not exist next time, the strolls are over in the meantime.

“I’ll probably be driving my kids more,” Utter stated.

Another homeowner who didn’t wish to be recognized stated authorities require to be a part of this neighborhood.

“They respond to the medical situations out here and they’re often here long before EMS. They respond along with the fire department,” a homeowner stated.

Genesee County Constable Chris Swanson stated what the policing in the location will appear like for a minimum of the next month.

“I know that residents have a concern for police protection but that’s why in the interim until they figure it out you have the state police and the sheriff’s office,” Swanson stated.

Swanson acknowledges calls for aid will take longer to react to.

“Because you don’t have officers dedicated to that township, and it’s in the southwest corner of the county, there are going to be delayed response times if there’s no officer in the area,” Swanson stated.

The citizens of Gaines Town will choose the fate of police in their neighborhood when they vote May 4 on an Authorities Millage.

“I’d like it to pass. I like having our own police department here,” Utter stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.