Fruits Basket season 3, the final season, coming in April 2021

The 3rd and last season of Fruits Basket will debut in April.

The 2nd season finished up with a huge, psychological expose this previous September. This variation of the program, which premiered in 2019, hews to the initial manga more carefully than the 2001 anime. Fruits Basket follows an adventurous orphan called Tohru Honda who discovers herself knotted with the strange Sohma household. Specific members of the Sohmas are affected with a curse that turns them into animals of the zodiac when hugged by somebody of the opposite sex. All of them follow the will of strange household head Akito.

The program dives deep into the psychological chaos and injury of all the characters, and truly seems like an anime personification of the “terrifying ordeal of being known” meme. Season 2 presented brand-new characters like Kureno, the rooster of the Zodiac, and trainee council members Machi and Kakeru Manabe.

Take a look at the freshly exposed last season poster:

a poster for fruits basket season 3, with tohru, kyo, yuki, shigure, and akito standing against a dark background, with chains all around them

Image: TMS/8PAN/Funimation

Update (March 5, 2021): This short article has actually been upgraded with the release month.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.