Fruits Basket season 3 premieres early on Funimation

The 3rd and last season of Fruits Basket is set to premiere on April 5, however Funimation Premium customers can enjoy the very first episode called today.

Based upon the popular manga of the exact same name, Fruits Basket follows optimistic orphan Tohru Honda, who gradually ends up being knotted with the strange Sohma household. Specific family members are cursed to become animals of the zodiac when hugged by somebody of the opposite sex. The whole household resides in seclusion, following the will of enigmatic and oddly effective household head Akito, unwilling to form bonds outside the household, due to the fact that they understand they are predestined for heartbreak.

However as Tohru befriends schoolmates Yuki and Kyo (the rat and the feline, respectively) she fulfills more of the household, finding more about them. She ends up being figured out to break menstruation that binds them completely.

The 2nd season ended with some huge discoveries from Kureno about Akito, and this brand-new episode sees Tohru processing a great deal of it and determining where to go next.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.