From SNL to Mario Golf: Super Rush, Waluigi is having a great week

Look, who are we joking? Waluigi has actually constantly been the most underrated star of the Mario world. With his delightfully long legs and angular mustache, the character has long shocked fans with his mystical attraction and cartoony percentages.

However Waluigi had a particularly great week in the public eye when Nintendo launched all of a sudden attractive brand-new renders of the character that got fans riled up. Then if that wasn’t enough, Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon dressed up as him for an act with Elon Musk, increasing his personality for the week.

The image producing the buzz is from an unboxing video of a blue Nintendo Change Lite on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. We just see Waluigi flash on the screen for a 2nd, however the short cameo sufficed to influence individuals to take screenshots and share the image extensively on social networks. The image reveals Waluigi postured with his knees together and booty broken out. His profile looks stunning, with his tongue flying out of his mouth and his red increased.

Then if that weren’t enough, the Waluigi powers that be at Nintendo blessed fans with another render for the business’s upcoming Change video game, Mario Golf: Super Rush. Here, he’s rocking a fedora and button-up vest to go along with Wario’s terrific attire.

Fans are delighted on social networks, with a single person online commenting that “the era of sexy Waluigi has officially begun and we couldn’t be happier.”

Individuals are joking that Nintendo knows the Waluigi thirst, and is having designers develop his character appropriately.

If the renders weren’t enough, Waluigi likewise got another bump when Kate McKinnon depicted him in a sketch as part of Saturday Night Live. In the bit, she and Elon Musk — who played Wario — protected Wario in a lawsuit over a banana peel in Mario Kart.

And while it’s been a huge week for Waluigi stans, this is simply a drop in a container when you look at the broader neighborhood. On platforms like TikTok, there are whole patterns committed to drawing the Nintendo character with an attractive body. And if there was any staying doubt about Waluigi’s reign as the most attractive Mario character, keep in mind the time that Nintendo ran a Valentine’s Day promo where fans might provide their preferred character a Valentine and Waluigi definitely closed down the competitors. Waluigi has actually constantly been hot, and fans like it.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.