Free Music Promotion

Creative, free music marketing techniques are just as effective as a band’s creative creativity when it comes to successful independent music marketing. Unfortunately, many bands are caught up in that limited cycle where they simply don’t have enough money to afford the expensive music promotion and marketing that will help them achieve their music goals. Fortunately, music promoters and companies don’t have to break the bank to help bands reach their music goals. Artists who are trying to achieve a foothold in the recording industry need to use effective ways of free music promotion, beginning with the following simple tips:


o Artists must always try to build relationships with their audience – Whether they’re performing on a major-league stage or playing an intimate, private venue, the biggest asset to an artist is the relationships he/she building with their audience. This begins with fans at shows, with venues, with independent publications, with radio stations, and even with potential record labels. It all begins with relationship building and the only way to make sure that you and your audience have meaningful and lasting relationships is by listening to and engaging in conversation about your music company.


o Artists must not be afraid to invest their time and money into promoting themselves – As much as some bands believe that a lot of marketing effort will be required, it’s absolutely not true. Most independent musicians need not spend a fortune of advertising dollars to promote themselves. Most important, though, it requires a little bit of time and effort on the part of the musician to create, produce, and then distribute their music. If bands have a budget to work with and are willing to spend time developing their own music projects, they have nothing to fear. Most successful music acts, though, would prefer to focus their energies on promoting the bands and artists they know and love and are willing to sign on with their labels, publishers, and promoters.


o Artists must be able to communicate their messages effectively – Even if musicians are able to put their music out there for free, the more successful they become, the more likely it is that those messages and marketing campaigns will get hearing. When you’re promoting a band’s music, the key to successful music promotion is effective communication. Communicate with the music community and fans on the most appropriate platforms. If you have a website or blog, make sure you engage in conversations with people regularly and update your music content regularly.


o Artists must make the most of their time and resources – Whether the bands are independent or signed with big-time record labels, it’s important for them to maximize their time and resources. When they are on stage and in front of a live audience, they must spend the most amount of time interacting with their audience, giving a live performance and answering questions and addressing any questions they may have. They cannot spend too much time on the phone. They should also take advantage of networking opportunities, such as networking events held by their peers, or attending music industry conventions and workshops, and other networking opportunities to meet with other musicians and music industry professionals.


o Artists must understand that the Internet is a goldmine for the artist – If your band has a website, use it to your advantage. It’s important for musicians to continually monitor their Internet marketing efforts to ensure that their Internet sites are optimized so that they draw as much traffic to them as possible. When you do that, you can easily generate leads and build connections that can be very valuable for your online business. Your Internet sites should always include contact information on your band and its members. A link to your band’s Facebook page is a powerful way to connect with fans and build relationships.


o Artists must be patient and learn from their mistakes – If you’ve never been in this situation before and you’re struggling with your music promotions, remember that success is never guaranteed. Take some time to learn from past mistakes and learn from the successes that you’ve had. The more you learn about music promotions, the easier it will be for you to plan and execute successful campaigns in the future.


Free music promotion can be fun and rewarding, but when done correctly, can lead to the most success possible for the musicians involved. Successful bands will attract more fans, increase their revenue, and even increase their exposure with their music. With a little planning and preparation, free music promotion can lead to a successful career in music. When you want to get expert music promotion, make sure you use iTunes Exposure. With over 15 years experience they are ready to help you with your music career.