Forza Horizon 5: Free fast travel (how to unlock)

Quick travel in open-world video games is quite common, however in Forza Horizon 5, it’s remarkably restricted. When you initially begin playing, you can fast-travel, free of charge, to a single home that you own, however fast-traveling to any other home or celebration hotspot is gonna cost you countless credits each time. Not perfect.

There is a method around this, however it’s gonna need some in advance scratch and an hour or 2 of tooling around the map searching signboards. That might look like a great deal of work, however believe me when I state it’s completely worth it.

The very first thing you’ll wish to do is conserve up a minimum of 2 million credits. This might look like a lot, however thanks to Wheelspins and occasions (therefore long as you’re not purchasing every McLaren in the store), you’ll quickly discover yourself drowning in money.

With 2 million credits in hand, you’ll wish to purchase the Buenas Vistas home on Mexico’s western shoreline (simply north of the hotel). If you’re not seeing it on your map, you might require to finish the very first Street Racing exploration in the primary project, Guanajuato. When that’s done, Buenas Vistas must be buyable.

Purchasing Buenas Vistas opens the capability to fast-travel to any point on any roadway in all of Forza Horizon 5. This is greatly beneficial for navigating rapidly, however it doesn’t fix the other issue: It’s still costing you countless credits each time you quick travel. Let’s repair that, shall we?

Throughout Forza Horizon 5’s map, there are quick travel signboards. If you get close enough, they’ll appear on your radar as little lightning bolts. There are 50 of these in overall, and every one you damage will tear down the cost of quick travel by 200 credits. Strike them all, and all of your quick travel will be complimentary!

a white sports car crashing into a Fast Travel board in Forza Horizon 5

Image: Play Ground Games/Xbox Video Game Studios by means of Polygon

In regards to tracking them all down, you can hand over $2.99 in a real-money microtransaction for Forza Horizon 5’s Treasure Map (:eyeroll:), which will make all 50 boards appear on your map. The much better choice: Open this complimentary interactive map and type “fast travel” into the search box, and it’ll provide you all the places you require. Your in-game radar will gray out the ones you’ve currently broken, so you can focus just on the brand-new ones.

Entering a lazy circle the map, I had the ability to knock out all the quick travel boards in an hour or 2. (There are just 2 difficult ones, situated on top of structures, however this video ought to assist you capture those.) Toss on a podcast and choose your preferred offroad lorry, and you’ll have it done prior to you understand it.

Considering That doing that, holy cow, Forza Horizon 5 is a completely various video game for me. I enjoy doing batches of comparable occasions one after the other. Formerly, doing all of the Risk Indication leaps would have needed a lots of driving (or a lots of cash to fast-travel to each one). Now, I’m able to pop around from indicate point immediately with my perfect vehicle constructed for long leaps, and knock them all out in a flash. It doesn’t injure that, on the Xbox Series X, it takes, like, 3 seconds to fill to a brand-new area anywhere on the map.

Moral of the story: While it might look like research, nab all those quick travel boards in Forza Horizon 5. Your future self will thank you for it.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.