Fortnite might be teasing a Rick and Morty crossover

There’s a brand-new teaser on Fortnite’s Twitter, and it appears to point towards a crossover with the Grownup Swim program Rick and Morty. The trailer reveals a blue beam, with a couple of products suspended in its gravity to be taken a look at. Rick and Morty fans will acknowledge them — specifically the butter robotic in the center there, who’s whole function is to pass the butter.

It definitely wouldn’t run out the concern for Rick and Morty to appear in Fortnite, which has actually just recently crossed over with DC, the Brazilian nationwide football group, Brie Larson, Horizon Absolutely No Dawn, and, uh, the Stonks meme man. The huge fight royale video game has actually likewise hosted main teasers for Star Wars films and included dinosaurs, so at this moment I don’t believe anything is truly difficult.

We’ll discover more about this possible team-up in a story trailer for Fortnite chapter 2, season 7, which premieres on June 8. We’ll likely see Rick and Morty appear then, perhaps with another set of cameo characters due to the fact that sure, why not, this is simply how Fortnite works now.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.