Former rehabilitation patient to open facility to help others | News

In 2016, Morgan Monroe was simply starting her motorcycle racing profession when she crashed going 95 MILES PER HOUR.

She endured however her injuries were comprehensive.

Monroe was rolled into a Grand Rapids health center on a stretcher and after thirty days of rehabilitation she went out with a brand-new function.

She stated her objective is to touch the lives of other professional athletes recuperating.

“I look forward to impacting someone in a positive way,” she said.

That’s why Clio native Morgan Monroe is starting Morgan’s Place Rehabilitation Center in Grand Rapids. Five years ago, today, Morgan was involved in a high-speed crash during a motorcycle race in Georgia.

“I broke my best scapula, I broke my left hand, 4 ribs, an L1 vertebrae, and I had a distressing brain injury that led me to have a hemorrhagic stroke and momentarily immobilized the best side of my body,” Monroe stated.

Morgan’s mama Carey was viewing her child from the stands.

“On about lap three was when she went into turn one at 95 miles per hour and her front tire hit the back tire of another bike. Then she went flying off the bike about 30 feet. And I immediately thought that she wasn’t going to make it,” Carey said.

Morgan rehabbed her injuries at Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids. That’s where she met Jennifer Ancans. The occupational therapist was part of a team that worked with Morgan on fine motor coordination, electrical stimulation, and vibration. Eventually, Morgan was able to use her right hand again.

“Once she began moving the hand then I made her usage all of it the time. Therefore that indicated taking cash out of her wallet when we would go to the dining establishment, or paging through a book, or getting products, or holding her tooth brush with that right-hand man,” Ancans said.

Morgan has fully recovered. She credits Ancans for inspiring her mission to start Morgan’s Place. Morgan’s goal is to have Morgan’s Place up and running by the spring/early summer. The rehab center will offer wrap-around services for athletes after they leave the hospital.

“I constantly stated that I wished to be someone’s Jennifer sooner or later. You understand, touch their heart in a dark time in their life, she stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.