Food bank is trying to stay ahead of food shortages by ordering product in advance | News

Supply chain problems and labor lacks throughout the nation are making it more difficult to feed trainees.

Schools and companies are discovering brand-new methods to get meals on the plate.

William Farkas is the director of programs and cooking services for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

“We are experiencing shortages in our supply chains,” Farkas stated.

The food bank offers meals to running start trainees in its service location, consisting of the majority of mid-Michigan. Farkas stated their programs department does not count on contributions.

“What we have to do is purchase, like many schools do, and so we’re experiencing the same lack of food product availability as they are,” Farkas stated.

Farkas stated the scarcity is triggering a stress for his personnel.

“Our team is spending much of their time ordering, re-ordering what’s not in stock. And so, it’s putting a large burden on the team here,” Farkas stated.

Farkas stated the food bank is being proactive so it can keep programs like running start fed.

“A lot of stuff is coming in last minute, or even like a day delay, so what we do is we’re now ordering two to three even four weeks in advance in order to keep up with demand,” Farkas stated.

Farkas intend on keeping tummies at running start complete today, and every day, moving on.

“We don’t see it getting any easier but we’re hoping that it doesn’t get any worse. But if we have to make additional substitutions to meet the USDA Regulated patterns that we have to follow we will do so,” Farkas stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.