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On 19th March, Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi resolved the country to discuss the continuous pandemic i.e Coronavirus in India, and how we need to take control of the Coronavirus circumstance in India, by coming together as conscious residents.

The Coronavirus break out has actually affected lives on a much bigger scale than ever in the past and this circumstance requires some significant actions from each one people.

Here are a few of the actions that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has actually encouraged every one people to take:

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Do not overload the Hospitals

Prime Minister Modi has actually advised the residents to prevent going to the health centers for routine and non-essential check-ups. Thus, it is recommended that the health centers and doctors are not overwhelmed in these important times. They must be available to attend to the cases that are time sensitive and extremely important right now.

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Social Distancing

There are some governments across the world that were able to contain this infection by taking immediate preventive steps. These governments managed to keep their citizens isolated from each other and limit the spread of the Coronavirus infection. This of course could not have been possible without the cooperation of its citizens.

We need to observe the same resolve and restraint. Observe social distancing and not leave our homes unless absolutely necessary. Maintain safe distance from people to not only protect ourselves but those around us too.

Prime Minister Modi said that the Coronavirus outbreak is not a normal situation for a developing country like ours with a population of 130 crores, which is why we must not get complacent and do our best to handle the situation.

No Hoarding

No worry buying and hoarding of essential items like food, dairy, or medicines is necessary. All steps are going to be taken to ensure that the supply of these items does not get disrupted.

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Work from home

People associated with government services, healthcare, media, and such other industries whose activity is essential cannot be curbed from leaving their homes. However, those who can manage their work and businesses from their homes, must stay put to ensure that ‘social distancing’ is executed.

Senior citizens

Senior citizens, above the age of 65 years of age, must not leave their homes for the next few weeks.

‘JANTA CURFEW’ to Fight Coronavirus in India

‘Janta Curfew’ must be observed by the entire country on 22nd March, Sunday. People must not leave their homes, unless absolutely necessary, from 7am to 9pm on 22nd March 2020. PM Modi initites this Janta curfew to fight Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said, considering the economic difficulties that have surfaced because of this pandemic, a task force shall be constituted under the Finance Minister. This task force will drive the necessary steps to get a grasp on things.

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