Flappy Birds Game

Flappy Birds game, developed by Vietnamese game developer and graphic designer Dong Nguyen, under his business dotGears, is a popular mobile game designed for the touch-screen mobile phones. The game is an arcade side-scrolling platformer in which the player controls a flapping bird, trying to fly through small gaps of green pipes in order to avoid hitting them at all. It is very addictive and entertaining to play as well, because of its addictive physics engine.


Flappy Birds is free to download and play. There is no need to spend money to purchase the game for your phone. It is available for both iPhone and Android. The game has several levels which players have to beat in order to progress to the next one. As you move from one level to another, your bird will flap its wings faster to reach the pipe that is furthest away from you.


The basic controls in Flappy Birds are the same for both the iPhone and the Android phones. It works by touching the screen with your finger. There are also controls available for the iPod Touch and Windows Mobile phones. If you are using any of these devices, you need to use the FlapSwipe game pad for more control over the bird.


The player also gets to select a level for the game. There are different types of levels, such as the beach level, jungle level, cave level, and tower level. Each of these levels requires a different level of skill and dexterity. As you progress from one level to the next, you earn points or cash which you can use to purchase items and coins.


In addition, there is also an option for you to play against the computer, which makes playing Flappy Birds more exciting. When you use this option, you can choose a level of difficulty so that you will be able to see which type of game you prefer to play. The different levels include the beginner, intermediate, expert, and professional levels.


When you are playing Flappy Birds, you will have a number of lives to lose before you lose your game and the game ends. However, you should not think too much about that because it will happen to everyone eventually. You simply need to keep moving forward until you reach your goal.


One of the main features of Flappy Birds is that it is very easy to play and understand. It will not be difficult for children to play it. As long as you have a computer and a phone with touch screen capabilities, you can start playing. Although, you may not have any knowledge of the mechanics of this type of game at first, you will soon get to know it and master it.


Although, it has been around for quite a while now, Flappy Birds is still in high demand today, because of its uniqueness. People love playing this game because of its addicting nature and exciting graphics.


Most people who are fond of playing this kind of game are people who are fond of games such as Tetris or Scrabble. Flappy Birds is similar to both of these games, in the sense that you can use both the mouse and the touch screen to click on the birds. There are different kinds of graphics and sounds that accompany the action of clicking on the birds.


Since the game was originally designed for educational purposes, the creators of Flappy Birds used a lot of words to explain what the game is all about. In other words, you would learn a lot about the birds’ lives by playing Flappy Birds and when you have mastered the game, you can move onto more advanced levels to make more money and coins.


It is important that you do not think that playing Flappy Birds will be a waste of time. You may want to keep playing this game for hours on end. This is because if you want to make more money and buy more items and coins, you will definitely gain some profit.


There is no way that you can get bored playing Flappy Birds. It is a great source of entertainment and if you have a little time, you can become very skilled at it and master it. This is because Flappy Birds games give you hours of enjoyment. If you like Flappy Birds make sure you play Flap Bee on Wordlwide Tweets today.