Fitness Media TV – vPromoter English

Fitness Media TV is a new and revolutionary digital signage solution that provides to your customers a wide range of information such as training plans and exercise demonstration, advertisement (own or partners’ products), promotion and events, information about gym’s program, human resource updates , and so on.
Fitness Media TV can be shown on screens, beamers, video walls- just to give an example. The administration panel is a clear and easy web-based program in order to create your own content or rely on pre-defined templates, assign them freely chosen screen positions, control the display frequency of static ads, images or video content independently of each other.
Content can be displayed as simple text or images, PowerPoint presentations, video content, flash animation, and so on.
With the help of this administration program you can control and manage all the media content in more than one location independently of your location –internet connection assumed.
This provides your Fitness Media TV customers at a high-class entertainment program and is one of the most effective forms of communication in our time.
Applications: Product Offers / Promotions, signage, advertising partners, weather display, politics, stock market or sports news, training schedules, exercise animation, music videos.

Your benefits at a glance:
• Cost savings vs. Print or TV and Radio communication
• Perfect visualization of your products / services
• Increase revenue by improved perception
• Additional revenue through advertising partners