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Fitness experts see some New Year’s resolutions fall by wayside

MINOT, N.D (KMOT) – We’re now about two weeks into the New Year.

Are you still keeping up on your resolutions?

Studies show that most new year’s resolutions are fitness-related and by the end of the year goals have long been discontinued.

Kaelyn Woiton said that, in her time as a personal trainer for three years it hasn’t been uncommon for people to slip from their fitness goals throughout the year.

She said sometimes she can detect when a person won’t commit to their fitness goals based on their tendency to delay their workouts.

“At the end of the day, New Year’s is just another day. You don’t need a new year to become a new you. You don’t need a new year to create good habits; to create healthy habits,” said Woiton.

Woiton said another sign people are slipping is when they consistently make bargains with their exercise time.

She said it takes 28 days to not only break a habit, but to make one.

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