Fireworks and No. 1 contender stakes

NEW YORK CITY CITY – Although Justin Gaetheje and Michael Chandler will base on opposite ends on Saturday night, their objectives and expectations are the specific very same.

The 2 UFC light-weight competitors have actually a set up face-off in the opening battle of the UFC 268 pay-per-view at Madison Square Garden. It’s a match that has lots of identifying it as a prospect for “Fight of the Night” and even “Fight of the Year.”

Both Gaethje (22-3 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 5-3 UFC) and Chandler (22-6 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 1-1 UFC) understand precisely what they’re entering into and anticipate a 2nd 4th of July event on Saturday.

“He fights the same as I do, fireworks from the beginning,” Gaethje informed press reporters at the UFC 268 interview. “I know he’s going to try to finish it first round, but he’s going to turn into a wrestler real quick taking steps backwards. We’ll see who’s the b*tch when he starts shooting for legs.”

Chandler concurred with Gaethje’s evaluation, however with an alternate ending.

“Everybody knows what happens when Michael Chandler steps in the cage, everyone knows what happens when Justin Gaethje steps in the cage,” Chandler stated. “This is why we went the first fight of the night. We’re starting off with the fireworks, we’re starting off with a bang. Get your pay-per-view ordered early. Justin Gaethje goes out in one.”


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However apart from appealing violent action, Gaethje and Chandler likewise see eye-to-eye when it boils down to what’s on the line on Saturday night. The 2 rivals anticipate the next title shot if triumphant.

“Saturday night, me and Justin go after it and it’s the No. 1 contender fight,” Chandler stated.

Simply a day in the past at Wednesday’s media day, Gaethje likewise revealed he ought to be next in line if he were to surpass Chandler.

“I already said it: If I don’t get the shot, we riot,” Gaethje stated. “We go to war. I have to be biased when it comes to this. I’m not going to be around here for much longer, so if I were to get snubbed again then, yeah, I’d have to do something about it, whether that’s causing ruckus.”




Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.