Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The architecture behind Midgar

Last Dream 7 Remake isn’t simply “the original game, but prettier.” Recreating the world of 1997’s Last Dream 7 as it had very first appeared was in fact difficult, according to co-director Naoki Hamaguchi.

“Converting the 2D backgrounds of the original game into 3D actually revealed a lot of structural contradictions,” he composed on Square Enix’s blog site.

So the group needed to restore Midgar. In doing so, they drew architectural motivation from all over the world. Taking a look at the facilities and style of Midgar assists us comprehend what the city is everything about. Whatever we require to understand about the setting is funnelled through the designers’ usage of products, light, and area.

When I was begun digging into the style of Midgar I was tickled by the number of information I acknowledged. Midgar’s bus indications, for instance, are plainly motivated by New york city City’s bus signs.

A side-by-side image showing Midgar and New York City’s bus signs. Both are round blue signs depicting a white bus, with a red band following the lower curve of the sign. Both show bus numbers on the left, and bus route names on the right, with a white sign with the name of the street below.

Comparing Midgar and New york city City’s bus indications.
Image: Square Enix through Polygon

If the bus indications referenced New york city City, I questioned, what other motivations was Midgar hiding in plain sight, and what were they attempting to inform us?

I combed through every sector in Midgar and composed the video above, a love letter to Midgar’s style. There was an incredible quantity of idea took into making the city feel lived-in and genuine, however likewise like a patchwork dreamland of identifiable pieces from all over the world.

Come with me on a journey to the decomposing pizza, as I go into the juicy information of Midgar’s unbelievable world style. And ensure you register for Polygon for more videos like this!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.