Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade modder makes Sephiroth Ronald McDonald

Last Dream 7 Remake Intergrade lastly got its Windows PC release on Dec. 16, which indicated brand-new alternatives for modders. Given that its release, designers have actually developed funny and terrible mods, consisting of one that reimagines the terrifying Sephiroth as Ronald McDonald.

The mod, called “Sephironald” was released by Crandifff on Dec. 29 and you can download it on its Nexus Mods page. It turns a once strapping bad guy into a character that you’ll have no issue disliking. In some way he simply isn’t as seductive as a villain when he’s covered with actual clown makeup.

Last Dream 7 Remake reimagines the initial Last Dream 7 (1997) in caring information. Modders, then in turn, get to play with that in-depth representation and totally damage our concepts of how we see those characters. Lots of mods released merely enable characters like Aerith and Tifa to use various attires — like their Wall Market gowns — for the totality of the video game, however others are sillier. Another mod released on Jan. 4 enables gamers to cover Cloud’s perfect skin with deal with tattoos.

A banner called Louiseyhannah published a collection of some amusing minutes with several mods set up — consisting of the Sephironald — on Twitter, where you can see in real-time simply how terrible he looks.

This isn’t the very first time Last Dream 7 Remake has actually been modded. Prior to the Windows release, another individual developed a mod that enables you to play the totality of the video game as Cloud in a gown (consisting of battles). Now, we’ll likely see a lot more mods turn up as individuals play with the Windows PC variation.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.