Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides and walkthroughs

Last Dream 7 Remake brings a brand-new variation of an old video game to PlayStation 4, and Polygon’s guides will assist you improve much faster.

You can begin with guides to assist you comprehend the video game’s principles, like the distinctions in between Timeless and Regular Modes, along with the interrelated principles of AP, SP, updating weapons, and leveling up. Don’t get too deep without reading our fast guide on battle, with 5 simple ideas to make battles much faster and more effective.

We’ve dedicated a whole area to Last Dream 7 Remake’s Materia, too. In those guides, we’ll describe what Materia is, direct you to the places of covert Materia throughout the video game, and even break out a couple of unique circumstances, like the uncommon however effective Summon Materia.

Lastly, we’ve got a lot of walkthroughs for the areas of the video game that we discovered the most complicated. The majority of Last Dream 7 Remake is, honestly, simple enough to make in-depth walkthroughs unneeded. However there are some complicated parts, and we’ve got you covered so that you can play with less confusion than we did.

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