Final Fantasy 7 is getting a battle royale prequel called The First Soldier

Soon after Square Enix revealed a surprise upgrade for Last Dream 7 Remake, called Intergrade, for PlayStation 5, the business dropped an even larger surprise: a fight royale video game embeded in the world of Last Dream 7.

Last Dream 7: The First Soldier is concerning Android and iOS gadgets in 2021. The fight royale video game will include the sort of gunplay you’d anticipate from a multiplayer shooter, however The Very First Soldier ups the ante with magic spells, Last Dream summons, and Chocobos on the battleground.

According to the very first teaser trailer for Last Dream 7: The First Soldier, the Shinra Electric Business is aiming to strengthen its military forces and establishes the Soldier program — then obviously puts them to the test in a huge multiplayer fray, which is where The Very First Soldier is available in. The fight royale video game is set prior to the occasions of Last Dream 7, Square Enix stated in a press release.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.