Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’s biggest changes, including hair for Viera

Last Dream 14’s Endwalker growth launches in early gain access to on Friday and with it, the whole video game is getting upgraded to variation 6.0. There are lots of modifications happening and a great deal of them are not locked to individuals who are purchasing Endwalker.

There are way a lot of modifications in this spot to discuss them all; numerous essential ones are highlighted listed below. For the complete spot notes, you can take a look at Square Enix’s post on the Lodestone.

The typical growth things is coming: brand-new locations, brand-new level cap, brand-new tasks

Yes, as typical with growths, a lot of brand-new things is coming. This consists of brand-new zones to check out, 2 brand-new tasks (Sage and Reaper), and a broadened level cap to 90. There are likewise brand-new opponents, like a great slim alien cactaur, and obviously, brand-new story missions to finish.

Jobs are getting fine-tuned, with Summoner getting remodelled

In case you missed out on the streams prior to, all the tasks are getting their typical huge updates, consisting of brand-new abilities. Summoner is getting a total revamp that permits it to summon fuller variations of its egi-primals.

Male Viera are now playable

Stock up on your Fantasia, since you can now become a male Viera if you so select.

Currencies are altering

This occurs every growth, however enable us to advise you that your Tomestones and scrips are altering, so you require to switch them out.

Yellow Scrips are ending up being outdated, so you’ll require to alter them into White Scrips at the scrip exchange in Revenant’s Toll. Red Scrips are simply getting directly eliminated (they’ve been outdated for a while now).

Allagan Tomestones of Allegory and Discovery are both getting eliminated, and you can trade them in at Revenant’s Toll to make them into Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. Phantasmagoria Tomes are likewise getting eliminated however, like Red Scrips, these have actually been outdated for a long time.

Statistics and damage numbers are getting crushed

Square Enix is crushing the stat numbers down a bit, as they were getting too huge and striking levels of “if we do any more damage, the system might break.” Nevertheless, opponents have actually been reduced, too; so even if it appears like you’re dealing less damage, with the scaling it ought to be reasonably the exact same quantity.

A group of four pose in a big castle-like dungeon

Image: Square Enix through Polygon

Bid farewell to belts

Belts can no longer be geared up since spot 6.0. While you won’t lose the belts you’re using, you won’t have the ability to purchase them any longer. You can desynth them or turn them in for Grand Business Seals, however.

Any belt your character has actually geared up can be gotten from the Catastrophe Salvager.

The housemaid gown is losing its gender lock

After what seems like an eternity, male characters can now use the Devoted Housemaid’s Uniform. Numerous sets are no longer gender-locked, consisting of the Thavnairian Bustier and the Loyal Butler Uniform, however we understand what individuals actually appreciate: that housemaid gown. In the nick of time for male Viera!

Female Viera are getting more hair choices

Pestered by what manufacturer Naoki Yoshida called “unique heads,” Viera and Hrothgar couldn’t use all the hairdos other races could, till spot 6.0. Now Viera have more hairdo choices and Hrothgar will be getting more in spot 6.1.

Premium products are a distant memory

When you collect products, you won’t need to fret about collecting them in high quality any longer. Products you craft can still be made HQ, however.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.