Fighting Paddy Pimblett at rumored UFC London card would be ‘the best option’

After his match with extremely promoted Terrance McKinney failed, Fares Ziam is considering another hyped possibility.

Ziam (12-3 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 2-1 UFC) was set up to deal with McKinney at UFC Battle Night 198 previously this onth Saturday, however his battle was canceled simply a couple of hours prior to making the walk to the octagon. The UFC proposed numerous dates for the battle to get rebooked, however having actually been far from house for months, Ziam chose to fly back to France.

While the 24-year-old is open for the McKinney battle to get rebooked in the very first quarter of 2022, he’d likewise like to deal with Paddy Pimblett, who like Ziam likewise is coming off a win over Luigi Vendramini.

And with the UFC reported to go back to London in March, it would fall completely in line with Ziam’s preferred date to complete.

“For me, it’s the best option,” Ziam informed mixed martial arts Addict. “So let’s go. If it’s March 5 in London, I’m ready.

“In the first minute I see Vendramini beat Paddy Pimblett, but after Paddy knocked out Vendramini. I think maybe if one week ago I fought Terrance and I won, I think the UFC would have put Paddy Pimblett as my next fight.”

Pimblett (17-3 MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, 1-0 UFC) has actually amassed significant steam behind his name following his knockout of Vendramini. Although the local of Liverpool, England, has actually just laced up the UFC gloves when, Ziam believes his buzz is necessitated, however likes his opportunities versus him.

“Yes, I think he has big hype,” Ziam stated. “He came to the UFC with a first-round knockout, so for me, yes, he deserves this.

“Maybe his first fight in the UFC, a little bit of pressure, but after a few minutes he did very well. But I think I can beat Paddy because I have better kickboxing than Luigi (and) better takedown defense. So now I’m very good, so we will see.”


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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.