Fergie Has Changed

Fergie had the most colorful life. Although she would like to forget the dramas that brought her to this position, it is still impossible to escape the stains of controversy that linger on her name. She has appeared in court, she has had to apologize for her actions, and she was involved in a failed marriage in her early days.

But she is certainly a controversial figure. She has built her career on a number of controversial statements, and her music has always been the target of young girls and women who want to emulate her success.

Because Fergie’s sound was so unique, people often tried to copy her. They wanted to make music that was similar to her sound, and the styles she influenced. Young girls and women took to this idea of theirs and started their own careers with styles that had nothing to do with Fergie’s sound.

Fergie was not in favor of this and made sure that her music was not for sale, as high prices and distribution rights were already available for many artists. It was only when the younger generation took her attitude, that her music became accessible.

For many people, Fergie’s music is a source of pride. She gave many a girl a sense of empowerment, and with that, gave a lot of us great confidence.

Many girls are encouraged to love themselves by this philosophy, and to love their sexuality. Others are encouraged to love themselves and their bodies, and look for success in fashion and looks. For some, it is a source of ambition, and a way of knowing how others are reacting to their success.

Of course, Fergie would certainly find out by now whether anyone was listening to her music, or if it was just the beautiful people who were getting excited about her lyrics. And that is why her life is fascinating.

What fascinates us is the fact that so many of us look up to her, and wish to emulate her. We wish to look like her, or live like her. We wish to be a part of her success, and make a difference in her life.

To me, it is important to note that the public persona Fergie presents is largely based on her image, and is often not even true to herself. But I am happy to be part of this modern day women who thinks of herself as a successful woman.

If Fergie did say that she was the world’s most beautiful woman, then there would be no question about that, because that is what her daughter’s worth is. In order to live life and be happy, we have to accept our imperfections and admire them.

Fergie can come back and try to change the world again, but firstly, she has to make it. And if she wants to succeed, she has to take part in the new woman’s game.

For young girls and women who cannot find their place in society, Fergie is a reassuring example. She has helped many, and the world has changed.