Female firefighter in Lincoln alleges captain left her crew in burning building in retaliation for complaints | Crime and Courts

A female Lincoln firemen taking legal action against the department over supposed discrimination and retaliation is asking a judge to purchase an independent examination after, she states, a captain at the center of the case “abandoned” her group in a burning structure.

Amanda Benson’s lawyer, Kelly Brandon, states regardless of several problems from Benson about Capt. Shawn Mahler’s conduct over the previous a number of years, the city and Lincoln Fire & Rescue administration have actually declined to discipline him.

Now, she is asking Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf to purchase the city to instantly start disciplinary procedures versus Mahler, forbid him from being sent out to fires and select an independent, 3rd party to examine the problem about his actions at a fire in April.

“Plaintiff is engaged in a dangerous profession where teamwork is absolutely critical,” the Gretna lawyer composed. “Plaintiff, and those who happen to work on her team, face obvious irreparable harm if Mahler is allowed to continue retaliating against her while this litigation proceeds.”

According to court records, Mahler informed an administrative officer examining the problem that he had actually been puzzled about who was appointed to him.

The city hasn’t yet submitted an action to the movement. 

“Following receipt of the parties’ written materials, the court may or may not hold an evidentiary hearing,” Kopf stated in an order today.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.