Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout releases new midseason patch

Fall People: Ultimate Knockout launched its mid-season “3.5” spot today, continuing the winter season ambiance of season 3. The upgrade brings a live feed for viewers, versions of old courses, and a brand-new winter-inspired course called “Snowball Survival”— in the nick of time for the blizzard that struck the East coast.

In Snowball Survival, you run around on the liquifying flooring of a huge slime bowl as you attempt to get away from several huge snowballs. As the flooring liquifies, it gets more difficult and more difficult to evade huge cotton candy-like snowballs, which send out the beans flying.

The upgrade likewise revamps a range of old phases by presenting over 40 variations to present courses. These modifications will change up the video game by including brand-new concealed traps, so your routine path may not be safe any longer.

As far as functions go, the brand-new “Fall Feed” will enable you to keep a more detailed view on others while spectating and upgrade you with every removal and point scored.

And if you’re simply in it for the ridiculous skins, you can now purchase Godzilla, Goose Video Game, and Sonic outfits in the primary shop, as a reward. The upgrade is live now on Playstation 4, Android, and Windows.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.