Fall Guys season 4 launches March 22, gets an Among Us crossover

Fall People: Ultimate Knockout season 4 got a brand-new trailer on Monday, exposing its ill 80s style and a crossover skin with Amongst United States. Mediatonic will introduce the brand-new season on March 22.

The trailer includes a normal Fall People Bean who gets pressed off the platform and into the goop. However rather of respawning back at the start of the course, they drift there for 2020 years. In 4041, some techno-tentacles dress them up in what we can just presume is the popular attire for the time and send them on their method, into the synth-filled, neon-colored future.

The trailer includes a couple of significant teases for the season, like light bridges, airlifts, and what seems a 80s exercise video-themed Bean outfit (total with leg warmers). There likewise seems a capture the battery-type minigame.

The trailer ends with a short teaser for a brand-new skin line, plainly based upon the multiplayer hit, Amongst United States. A Bean falls under a huge barrel of lava prior to bobbing above the surface area for a 2nd. The Bean is using an Amongst United States-like spacesuit and some text plays throughout the screen: “Fall Guy was ejected. 1 Imposter remains.”

It’s presently uncertain when the Amongst United States skin will appear in the video game, just how much it will cost, or if gamers can get any colors aside from the flagship red.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.