Fall Guys’ new hoverboard stage looks like a neon nightmare

Mediatonic provided Fall People fans a take a look at among the levels showing up with season 4, through Twitter, and this specific race appears like an outright headache to browse. Hoverboard Heroes has actually gamers all clustered on a hoverboard that takes them through a treacherous path. Just by leaping and evading barriers — while staying aboard the hoverboard — will beans have a possibility to endure.

The brand-new season, which is futuristic ’80s-themed, comes with a couple of other goodies. A brand-new skin line is based upon Amongst United States, for any fans of the social sabotage video game. There are likewise some ’80s exercise skins and other futuristic cosmetics for beans who wish to delight in the very best the future needs to provide.

The primary mechanics of the brand-new season appear to be based around innovation. There are light bridges, airlifts, and a capture the battery-type minigame. Mediatonic was just recently bought by Legendary Games, however Fall People is still anticipated to introduce on the Nintendo Change and Xbox Series X.

Fall People season 4 begins on March 22.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.