Fall Guys’ Doom costumes confirmed, release date announced

After a month of teasing, the Doom Slayer and a couple of demonic buddies will make their method from Doom Eternal to Fall People in the type of brand-new outfits for everybody’s preferred bean individuals.

On Thursday, Devolver Digital released a brand-new trailer for Fall People that includes Doom’s signature music and a Fall People-esque romp through a hellish environment. Towards completion of the trailer, the Doom Slayer appears — or rather, a bean worn a persuading Doom Slayer outfit.

The Doom Slayer deals with down some fellow beans impersonated well-known Doom opponents: the Autocrat and the Cacodemon. However in normal Fall People style, the Doom Slayer actions on the Crown, journeys, and falls under the 2 satanic forces, sending out all 3 off the edge for removal.

Fall People players can buy these costumes for their beans starting Jan. 12. The costumes will only be available for a limited time, although publisher Devolver Digital didn’t announce when the costumes will leave the store or how much they will cost.

There is also no mention of a Doom-inspired Fall People arena based upon the one we see in the trailer — although we’d be lying if we didn’t state it looked enjoyable as hell.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.