Falcon and Winter Soldier’s final trailer sets up series’ big fight

The Falcon and the Winter Season Soldier is 4 episodes in and it’s currently a complex story about power, violence, justice, and which America Cap’s red white and blue guard actually represents. However the brand-new trailer, which Disney launched on Monday, likewise advises us that the series is concerning an end in simply 2 episodes.

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier up to episode 4.]

The brand-new trailer is made up almost entirely of footage that’s been in the show so far, with one big exception: In the last couple of seconds, we get a shot of John Walker, the new Captain America, standing in a warehouse with Bucky and Sam facing off against him. In other words, Disney and Marvel are teasing the showdown we all knew was coming.

But even if this fight was obvious, there are plenty of loose ends and questions that aren’t. For instance, is John Walker really the last super soldier? Where did Zemo go to after briefly escaping the Dora Milaje? What will happen to the Flag Smashers and Karli Morgenthau, who the show has seemed to sympathize so much with in the first four episodes?

Almost two dozen previous stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would suggest that New Cap will be defeated, Karli’s violent means will ruin her noble goals, and that Sam will feel bad for her but still deliver the easiest version of “justice” the show can manage. It would be a disappointing ending for a series that’s been willing to play at the moral margins of the MCU for its first four episodes, but it’s likewise a likely one, considering the open-ended nature of Marvel’s mega-franchise.

Then again, with only two episodes left, and a Power Broker still left to be revealed, maybe The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will follow through on its ambitious set-up. So far, the show has devote a substantial amount of its time to giving its characters their own unique points-of-view on issues and letting them explain valid, reasonable arguments for their opinions. That would be a difficult web to untangle in simply 2 episodes, so maybe the program will let us draw a few of our own conclusions about right and wrong.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.