Fact Check: Yes, the Mob Is Coming For You, by Michelle Malkin

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. — In June, America’s mass media propaganda device threatened the general public by spreading out perilous “disinformation” — while professing to expose “disinformation.”

The New York City Times, NBC News, CNN and the Associated Press assembled 9 weeks ago to encourage readers and audiences that neither antifa rioters nor Black Lives Matter militants were fanning out from significant metropolitan locations into flyover nation. Police publications and person notifies about the transition of violent presentations all total up to “misinformation,” “bad information,” “false information,” “unfounded rumors” and “conspiratorial content,” the Gray Woman scoffed.

NBC News and CNN made use of a single phony antifa Twitter account to dismiss across the country issues of domestic terrorism as “viral misinformation.”

The AP blasted “baseless theories” about intruding violence and castigated “conservative news outlets and pro-Trump social media accounts” for reporting on them.

Simply put: Don’t stress. More than happy. Blame Righty.

The “progressive” Anti-Defamation League — headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, a Clinton/Obama authorities and previous George Soros-funded operative — enhanced the deceptive media project. “There has been no evidence of antifa or Black Lives Matter organizing or carrying out attacks on suburban or white communities,” the ADL stated, and the “large-scale protests following the murder of George Floyd” were “overwhelmingly peaceful.”

Reality check: ADL = All Damned Lies. AP = Anarchist Propaganda. CNN = Chaos-Nurturing Network.

Given that this agitprop project 2 months back, armed extremists allied with antifa and BLM have actually certainly staged intensifying attacks into the heartland. Yes, the mob is on the relocation. Yes, the mob is targeting “suburban neighborhoods and white communities.” Yes, the mob might show up at your house at any time.

And no, in the age of American anarchotyranny, you cannot count on the cops, nor elected authorities (Democratic or Republican), nor even traditional 2nd Modification companies in Washington, D.C., like the National Rifle Association to stand with you in your time of requirement.

Simply 2 weeks after the Denver cops deliberately stood down and enjoyed my buddies and I come under attack by BLM and antifa at a “Back the Blue” rally, Colorado Springs cops sat by and not did anything on Monday night as a property community was closed down by cop-hating provocateurs. Carrying AR-15s, bring walkie-talkies and honestly defying state laws restricting targeted picketing, the mob marched unblocked into the streets of Pulpit Rock to the personal house of a Colorado Springs Authorities Department officer. He had actually been cleared by a grand jury a year ago in a police-involved deadly shooting of a heist suspect.

Regional news outlets shot black-clad BLM threats in camouflage and army boot overlooking polices’ orders to stop obstructing drivers. Militants cursed, threatened and waved their weapons at obedient residents, among whom called 911 for assistance when the mob let him through.

No officer concerned help. Rather, CSPD authorities published on Twitter that they were “reminding” the mob “to not block the streets” and were providing 2 “shelter in place” orders recommending locals to “stay indoors; please lock and stay away from windows and doors.”

“Protect and serve” has actually been changed with “Tweet and retreat.” Run and conceal. Kneel and grovel. If it’s pertaining to my once-solidly conservative neighborhood, it’s pertaining to your town, too.

Former City Councilman Sean Paige condemned the fecklessness: “We have a ‘law and order’ Mayor In Colorado Springs, right? So why is John Suthers letting thugs get away with this kind of dangerous/threatening nonsense in residential areas?”

Twitter user Sandi K. reacted to the CSPD cops posts: “Announcements? Reminders? How about arrests? Pathetic response by law enforcement. Unbelievable!”

Another infuriated person asked CSPD: “(H)ow are the masked protestors who are in full tactical gear and standing down vehicles with their hands on the stocks of their rifles not menacing?”


I asked Lt. James Sokolik, CSPD public details officer, why nobody was jailed. “We monitored” the demonstration “extensively,” he informed me, and made an “ultimate decision not to intervene” due to the fact that “it took care of itself.” That passive language echoes the Denver Authorities Chief Paul Pazen’s diffident downplaying of the riot at the “Back the Blue” rally as having “devolved” by itself, with nobody and no entity in fact liable. “But I don’t want to give the impression that this was some sort of blase thing,” Sokolik warbled.

Oh, no. Who would ever get that impression? After all, the circumstance was being kept an eye on.

Colorado Springs native and Benghazi Marine hero John “Tig” Tiegen, who works with the not-for-profit Faith Education Commerce United, declines such abject passivity in the face of severe aggressiveness. “You shouldn’t have to hide in your own house and be held against your will for fear of bodily harm or death,” he informed me. He provided a call to action when he became aware of the mob hijacking of Pulpit Rock. A big group of his buddies joined him to safeguard and safeguard the house owners from direct attack: “We were definitely a force and the neighbors were glad we were there.”


“It’s time to stop living in utopia instead of reality,” Tiegen counsels. Amen. Decline the lies. Neglect the smears. Lock, load and lean on each other. Domestic harmony, like anarchotyranny, doesn’t simply take place by itself.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.