F1 news LIVE: Lewis Hamilton ignoring FIA as Max Verstappen warned over ban

World champ Verstappen reviews ‘crazy, extreme, and insane’ season

The FIA’s brand-new president, Mohammed bin Sulayem, exposed that Lewis Hamilton has yet to react to messages from the sport’s governing body after such a questionable end to the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton has actually participated in public occasions to get his knighthood and quote goodbye to now-former Mercedes colleague Valtteri Bottas, however he has actually stayed tight-lipped over the dissentious surface to the champion, with some recommending the seven-time world champ might even be thinking about ignoring the sport.

Previous F1 chauffeur Stefan Johansson ended up being the current figure to criticise how the last lap unfolded at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, alerting that the sport had actually moved into “dangerous territory” as it runs the risk of stability for the sake of home entertainment. Johansson included that race director Michael Masi’s choice to permit just 5 vehicles to unlap themselves “completely ignored any level of common sense”.

On The Other Hand, Max Verstappen has actually been commemorating his first world champion title in the United States and was visualized with boxing’s pound-for-pound super star Canelo Alvarez last weekend. Nevertheless, the Dutchman has actually been cautioned that his aggressive driving design might cause a restriction in the 2022 season. Verstappen currently has actually 7 points on his F1 licence – got for disciplinary offenses – with 12 points conjuring up an automated one-race suspension. Follow all the current F1 updates listed below:


Verstappen expect more title competitors in 2022

Max Verstappen hopes that other young chauffeurs will break through in 2022 and battle with him and Lewis Hamilton for the F1 title.

“Lewis is 36 now, so maybe there are a few more years for him, hopefully a few more years for me after that,” stated Verstappen. “I hope, of course, he will stay in the sport a bit longer and we can have more of these battles.

“But I also hope other young guys – because hopefully with the new rules more teams will be more competitive – that we all have that fight against him as well. He’s a seven-time world champion and it has been a pleasure to race against him this year especially.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 13:26


Bottas feels ‘unbeatable’ on his finest days

Bottas himself has actually insisted he feels “unbeatable” on his finest days, in spite of having a hard time to challenge Lewis Hamilton throughout his time at Mercedes.

“I honestly feel like on my best days, whether it’s a race or qualifying, I’m unbeatable. But unfortunately, I don’t always have the best days,” Bottas informed The Race. “No-one has!

“I can’t say I exceeded any of my expectations. I have pretty high expectations for myself, personally. Maybe a bit too high.

“I can’t say I exceeded anything. Where I feel like I failed, obviously I didn’t manage to win the Drivers’ Championship. But it wasn’t simple alongside Lewis. He always got the upper hand.

“I feel like the ones who know about the sport and who follow the sport, they definitely acknowledge I can be pretty fast on my day.

“The baseline level as a driver like Lewis is so high that it’s quite tricky to outperform him all the time.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 13:13


Vettel: Bottas can enjoy main function at Alfa Romeo

Sebastian Vettel stated it was “a shame” to see Valtteri Bottas leave Mercedes – however thinks the Finn can enjoy being the primary male at Alfa Romeo.

George Williams will prosper Bottas at Mercedes next season while Bottas will partner novice Guanyu Zhou.

“Somehow I think it’s a shame that he has to leave Mercedes,” Vettel stated. “But maybe the new regulations for the Swiss team in 2022 will suit him, so that things will finally be more balanced in the field and he will have more chances.

“Valtteri is one of the most straightforward and honest drivers. And above all, Bottas is also one of the fastest drivers in the field.”

“I’m happy that he can play a much more central role there than before. Bottas certainly didn’t always have it easy in the five years alongside Hamilton. But I’m also sure that he was always treated fairly at Mercedes.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 12:58


Latifi protects space to Russell

Nicholas Latifi has actually protected the range in between his and George Russell’s efficiencies at Williams last season, recommending the space was not constantly as big as it appeared.

Russell consistently exceeded Latifi both in certifying and on race days throughout the season, however while the Canadian confessed Lewis Hamilton’s brand-new colleague is among the very best chauffeurs on the track, he firmly insisted the distinction was overemphasized by directly losing out on Q2.

“Sometimes in my situation, it was frustrating to find myself out of Q2 by a very small margin, sometimes I was really close to George. Then of course he would improve his time in Q2, and at the end of the race his Q2 time would often be compared to my Q1 time, making it seem like a huge gap.

“But it always comforted me to know that the team had the picture of everything, and obviously I was very happy to see that before the summer break things improved, and continued in the right direction afterwards.

“I know I had one of the fastest drivers on the grid as a teammate, I think that will be even more clear to everyone next season.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 12:45


Gasly sympathises with Tsunoda’s battles

Pierre Gasly has actually sympathised with the battles of his AlphaTauri colleague Yuki Tsunoda after a hard season for the young Japanese chauffeur.

Tsunoda ended up with simply 32 points in contrast to Gasly’s 110, and just handled to surpass his colleague as soon as in certifying all season.

“It’s difficult because it takes so much energy focusing on your own thing,” Gasly stated. “I think listening from what Yuki says, he learned quite a lot from looking at the data, seeing the way I work with the team, and just seeing my approach.

“I think he probably didn’t expect to struggle that much, from what he says, coming into Formula 1. The level in F1 at the moment in the midfield, it’s really hard.

“A four-time World Champion driving for Aston Martin (Vettel) with a double World Champion driving for Alpine [Alonso], very strong line-up at Ferrari, very strong line-up at McLaren, even Kimi, a champion at Alfa Romeo.

“The level is really high and probably higher than even the last couple of years. For sure, as a rookie coming in was not easy.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 12:28


Leclerc ‘very much’ pressed by Sainz

Charles Leclerc has actually hailed the impact of his Ferrari colleague Carlos Sainz, with the 24-year-old confessing he felt “pushed very, very much” as the set jousted throughout the 2021 season.

Sainz ultimately ended up the season 5 points ahead of Leclerc, in spite of the forecasts of numerous that the Monégasque would be the dominant chauffeur out of the Ferrari pairing.

“We learned a lot,” Leclerc stated. “As always when you have a new team-mate you always learn, [such as] the new ways Carlos is approaching race weekends, the way he works, his talent, his raw speed also, the way he takes the corners.

“He had an amazing year, so he obviously pushed me very, very much to try and perform better at every race and it’s just been extremely interesting.”

“I think maybe one of the strong points of Carlos is the race management and tyre management, and that was probably my weakness in 2019.

“I progressed a lot as a driver in 2020 and again last year, and part of last year was thanks to Carlos.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 12:10


Masi choices ‘completely ignored any common sense’

Johannson likewise scheduled intense criticism for FIA race director Michael Masi’s decision-making in Abu Dhabi after Nicholas Latifi crashed out.

“The only way it should have been done was by doing what you’d normally do and indeed what he did in the race prior,” he stated. “As soon as they deployed the safety car with five laps to go they should have red flagged the race.

“That’s the only way to keep it level and keep the excitement until the end. You would have had everyone come into the pits while they clear the track, put new tyres on and go from there like they did at the Saudi Grand Prix when Red Bull rebuilt half their car and put new tyres on.

“Had that been done you could have had a fair five-lap shootout for the championship. Making the decisions he did and then changing his mind completely at the very last moment absolutely handed the race on a plate to Max and Red Bull after Lewis had done a flawless race.

“This last race was just the culmination of a series of incredibly bad calls that somehow seem to have escalated as the year went on.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 11:55


Johansson: F1 dangers ending up being like WWE

Stefan Johannson has actually ended up being the current previous F1 chauffeur to deplore how the season-deciding race in Abu Dhabi unfolded. The Swede, who began 79 races in an 11-year profession, composed on his blog site that the sport’s pursuit of drama had actually led it into a “dangerous territory”, where competitive stability is being compromised for the sake of home entertainment.

“They both drove at such a high level and both their teams operated at equally high levels, and it would have been such an incredible ending to the year to have it decided fair and square on the racetrack.

“Instead, we now have this endless controversy and polarization. I’m sure the folks at Liberty are not complaining as this has lifted F1 to a whole new level in terms of people following.

“But, if this is the direction it will continue, where the entertainment comes before the sport, I think we’re getting into a very dangerous territory, I would hate to see F1 turning into the Motorsports version of the WWF [now known as WWE], where it’s just a show and the sport is secondary to the entertainment.

“The Netflix show has obviously helped lift the profile of F1 immensely, especially in the US. I know how many of the teams and drivers feel about it, but you still can’t deny the impact it’s had. Personally, I had to tune out after 15 minutes.

“I think it’s important to find a good balance going forward, I appreciate social media and marketing from every possible angle is important, but I would hate to see the drivers turning into some sort of comedians and clowns rather than brave young men doing their thing on Sunday afternoons.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 11:43


Hamilton not reacting to messages, exposes FIA president

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Although the dust has actually now picked Max Verstappen’s significant and extremely questionable triumph over Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, the ill-feeling continues to remain. The FIA’s brand-new president, Mohammed bin Sulayem, exposed that the seven-time world champ was not reacting to messages after the governing body threatened to punish the Briton for stopping working to go to F1’s prize-giving gala.

“I’ve sent him messages,” Bin Sulayem stated. “I don’t think he’s 100 per cent ready to respond right now. We don’t blame him. I understand his position, as a driver, obviously, he is at a different level.

“But there are also rules. As you read in the press, the new president is going to sanction; of course they [the media] spice things up a lot with what is important for others.

“But for me it’s not particularly related to a certain driver or a certain team. It’s general. There are rules we have to respect, and we have to respect the integrity of the FIA. And I can’t judge anyone until I know the exact facts.

“In fact, my first objective is to go through the whole Abu Dhabi file.

“I think of course by not being at the gala, it’s something that Lewis and his team knew. But at the end of the day, we’re human too. There was stress and pressure.”

Tom Kershaw4 January 2022 11:36

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