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“Exercise for Seniors” Service geared up for My Aged Care participants

Brisbane business committed to making exercise accessible for all.

Brisbane, Queensland, November 27, 2022  – A one-of-a-kind Brisbane-based service that provides power-assisted exercise to seniors is committed to serve more of the Brisbane community as a My Aged Care provider.


Easy Exercising has attracted interest from academics because of its unique service delivery and is now proud to be an approved My Aged Care provider. Business owners Andrea and Jessica Curtis have been committed to providing the best of high-quality, power-assisted exercise in a supportive community since 2013, and are continuing to make this form of exercise as accessible as possible for all thanks to this new approval. 


“We’ve had quite a bit of feedback from senior clients who feel that Easy Exercising is a safe place for them to come in, regain their confidence, and make fast-friends,” said Andrea, director at Easy Exercising. “We knew we needed to take this to heart and we’re so pleased to now provide this service to the community, as needed.”


Easy Exercising’s power-assisted equipment has turned out to be the perfect solution for people who don’t feel comfortable going to a gym, have particular health challenges such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and back, hip or knee problems, and are in the later years of life. Clients find that their mobility and balance improves dramatically, and they love the close-knit community at each clinic. But that’s not all that clients are reporting improvements in…


“I’m at Easy Exercising Morayfield. I just love it. And since I’ve been coming here, my mental health has been great. My movement has been great. Things I could not do, put my shoes and socks on, I could do that after a few sessions,” said Rob, who was living with PTSD, multiple injuries and depression before his time at this clinic. 


My Aged Care participants are now being encouraged to come in for a free trial session to test things out and meet the incredible team and close-knit community that lives on behind the scenes. 


With four clinics in Brisbane, Easy Exercising provides power-assisted exercise and a close-knit community to those who truly need it.




If you would like more information about this topic, please call Jessica Curtis on 0407 144658 or email


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