Everything we know about Natsume’s upcoming Harvest Moon game

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Harvest Moon: One World is the next video game in the farming simulator franchise. Ahead of its release, Polygon previewed a gameplay demonstration and spoke with designer Natsume about what to anticipate.

One World is a conventional farm sim, however instead of plopping you down in a lavish farmland, there are likewise other alternatives for where your farm can be. Utilizing the Expando-Farm tool, you can move your farm around to various biomes, from desert lands to snowy leaves. The animals you’ll discover and crops you’ll grow will differ depending upon the biome you’re in, permitting a range of animals and produce.

Ahead of its release, One World has actually been satisfied with relatively unfavorable reception from long time fans of Harvest Moon, due to licensing and calling problems with the series. Natsume, the business behind Harvest Moon: One World, has the rights to the video game’s name, although the designers behind the older video games in the franchise were Magnificent Home entertainment and Xseed Games. The latter 2 designers went on to develop the Story of Seasons franchise, which is typically described as the “real” extension of the Harvest Moon series. Set this with the barren landscapes and dull graphics that fans saw in the very first One World trailer, and it produced low expectations.

In any case, One World does bring some brand-new gameplay concepts to the table. Here’s what we gained from talking with the designers:

Finding Harvest Wisps is the primary method to get seeds

Harvest Wisps appear as radiant little balls around the map. When you communicate with them, they’ll offer you a random seed that you can plant. This is the main method to get seeds. One World manufacturer Taka Maekawa stated that you can offer a particular variety of crops to the basic shop to get seeds as an option, however he likewise stated that you would need to offer a lot to open this perk.

You can likewise search for particular seeds to see if any Wisps have them on the map at the time.

Seeds will establish various crops in various areas

Some seeds will alter into various plants depending upon where they’re planted. While a tomato seed will yield a routine tomato in the typical grassy biome, if it’s planted in the snow-covered location, it’ll grow an ice tomato.

A female farmer hoes land between grown crops

Image: Natsume Inc.

Seeds and animals have rarity tiers and varying look rates

As soon as you discover animals to family pet and Harvest Wisps to gather seeds from, they’ll respawn at the very same place in time. Nevertheless, some animals and seeds are thought about more uncommon and they won’t generate as typically. Some seeds and animals also will only generate at specific times, so you’ll want to make note of where and when you find Harvest Wisps.

There’s no same-sex marriage

If you want to marry one of the female candidates, you’ll have to play as a male character, and vice versa.

“We wanted to do it right, as opposed to just doing it for the sake of doing it, if that makes any sense,” said vice president of Natsume Inc. operations Graham Markay. “So I’m fairly confident, 99%, it’ll be in the next game.”

Markay noted that same-sex marriage was originally discussed to be in One World, but due to COVID-19-related complications and the required shift in communication, it was one of the features that got cut.

A female farmer talks to Kanoa, a red-haired man, on the beach

Image: Natsume Inc.

Harsh weather affects your stamina

Your stamina will go down throughout the day as you run around the world, mine, or tend to your crops, but being in extreme weather conditions, like the cold or heat, will deplete it faster. To avoid this, you’ll need to eat specific foods to help warm you up or cool you down.

There’s no forced nighttime curfew

Unlike older Harvest Moon games, you won’t be forced to go to bed when it gets too late. Players will be able to stay up past midnight and beyond, allowing them to spend their time how they want. Certain animals will only come out at night, so you’ll want to explore later in the day as well.

Harvest Moon: One World will be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 2. Limited Run Games will likewise sell collector’s editions of the video games for Change and PS4, which come with a diorama and a luxurious chicken.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.