Everyone will know when the time is right for Justin Fields to start

After trading next year’s first-round choice to the Giants as part of a go up the draft board to take quarterback Justin Fields on Thursday night, Bears General Supervisor Ryan Speed stated that the group still sees Andy Dalton as their beginning quarterback.

It’s not the very first time head coach Matt Nagy has actually remained in a circumstance like this. He was on Kansas City’s personnel in 2017 when they prepared Patrick Mahomes with Alex Smith on hand, which he stated offers him “some type of blueprint to at least work off” as they bring Fields along.

Nagy called Fields lucky to have Dalton and Nick Foles in the quarterback space and stated that it won’t take place “overnight” for the novice, however that nobody will miss out on the indications when Fields is all set to take control of the job.

“There’s some observations from all of us as coaches every single day, and just like we would tell any quarterback, when you come in here, you do everything you can to be the best quarterback that you could be,” Nagy stated, through NBCSportsChicago.com. “Whether it’s in the meeting room or whether it’s in practice, and everything else will take care of itself. All of those guys are going to do it. And then we just got to decide then when we get to that point, how is he developing and how is everybody doing, and really keeping it as honest as possible with all of those guys. Then when the time is right, I promise you every single person will know including Justin when it’s the right time, and that’s naturally how it happens.”

Mahomes sat for a whole season as the Chiefs went 10-6 and took control of as soon as Smith (and Nagy) proceeded in 2018. It stays to be seen if the Bears will have the ability to be as patient with Fields.

Matt Nagy: Everybody will understand when the time is best for Justin Fields to begin initially appeared on Pro Football Talk

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.