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Every ‘Destiny 2’ Player Agrees On One Thing, Get Commendations Out Of Progression

As players start to reach higher ranks in the new Guardian Rank system in Destiny 2, they keep running into progress blockers that don’t have to do with actual gameplay.

That would be the commendation system, where essentially every Guardian Rank has some sort of requirement to move to the next one based around commendations. Bungie has already had to nerf the absurd commendation score requirements for higher levels, but irritating ones remain, like the one I’m currently at approaching Rank 9, with 50 commendations needed in raids or dungeons, which require ten raids in total, or farming dungeon bosses. But you can’t even do that effectively, because there’s now a timed lockout on those activities so you can’t farm them quickly like people were doing when the system launched.

Past that, commendations are tied to a weekly powerful drop for doing enough of them, and also they are in seasonal challenges that reward large chunks of XP and bright dust. But the message from the community is clear:

Commendations should not be tied to progression in any way whatsoever.

You are ultimately defeating the purpose of a commendation system when you tie it to progression through gear drops or rank-ups or anything like that. The system becomes not an optional way to reward high-performing or friendly members of your team, but instead just a commodity like any other, a number to tick up that is largely just going to be based on the overall number of activities you play, not how good or nice of a player you actually are.

The lesson from this first trial season here is clearly to remove them from all progression systems. The system itself can stay, but it too needs modification. It is very annoying that the score screens for every activity have now been replaced by the commendation screen, which displays no actual info except for who is best-dressed (which is how I usually decide to give out commendations), as you have to tab over to actually see the scores and match up names with performance. And by the time you do, players have already left or a new activity has already started. It’s a mess.

The commendation system itself is good. I see no downside for an optional ability to tell someone they did a nice job and I like seeing everyone’s outfits. But while forcing commendations into progression may have been a way to get players to interact with the new system this season, after this, no more. We get it. We get they exist and how to use them. But turning them into another currency permanently destroys the entire point of the original system. No more of this, please.

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