Estrada pulls out close split decision vs. Chocolatito

2 of the finest fighters on the planet placed on a program Saturday. There was no grumbling about sides of the street or pay-per-view points or any of the million little things that keep significant battles from being made.

Rather, Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez headed out and place on a program for the ages in a bout that immediately ends up being the front-runner for 2021 Battle of the Year.

Estrada took out a fiercely objected to split choice over the famous Nicaraguan in their fight for the WBA and WBC extremely flyweight belts Saturday at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Carlos Sucre scored it 117-111 for Estrada, a card that appeared too large. David Sutherland had it 115-113 for Estrada, while Jesse Reyes had it 115-113 for Gonzalez.

Yahoo Sports had it 115-113 for Gonzalez. Gonzalez was remarkably at peace with the choice, consistently referencing God’s will. However when he was asked if he’d like a rubber match since the series is now connected at 1-1, he smiled and held up 2 fingers.

He won their amazing very first battle, which was objected to at 108 pounds in 2012 in Los Angeles, however this one might have exceeded it. It was nearly continuously action from the opening bell, and according to CompuBox, they integrated to toss an impressive 2,529 punches.

Gonzalez tossed more and landed more, linking on 391 of 1,317 shots. Estrada struck on 314 of 1,212.

After the ninth round of what plainly was a battle royal, Estrada’s corner informed him he lagged and required a knockout to win. That was uncommon, particularly so early, however he pulled it out.

“I knew it was a close fight,” Estrada stated. “I didn’t know if I were up or down, but I wanted to close out the fight in the last couple of rounds.”

Gonzalez battled with the savvy of a veteran of 33 years of ages, which he is, however he battled as if the clock hadn’t moved a minute given that their 2012 bout.

He was on top of his video game and at durations when Estrada started to amass momentum, he’s land a mix or dig to the body and battle his method back into it.

It was a traditional bout that might have gone in any case. Sucre’s scorecard was too large, though it didn’t destroy the battle. It did, however, fan for the talk of a rematch.

“It was a better fight than the first one,” Gonzalez stated. “I felt strong and I felt I’d won it, but it was a great [fight]. But that’s what God wanted. The result is what God wanted. I’m happy because I’m going back home to see my family.”

And the majority of the fans who enjoyed it more than happy and most likely going to get up and stream it once again a time or 3. It was that sort of a battle.

Juan Francisco

Juan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez throughout their WBC, WBA and Ring Publication Super-Flyweight marriage battle Saturday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Obligatory Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.

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