ESPN’s Mike Reiss gives specific breakdown on Patriots’ process for QB search

Of all the concerns concerning the New England Patriots’ future moving forward, the quarterback scenario sits at the top.

Whether it leads to Camera Newton’s return, a novice being prepared with the No. 15 choice, a totally free representative being signed or obtaining a veteran through a trade — the Patriots require to decide quicker instead of later on. Free company starts in mid-March and it’ll be far more tough to entice in gamers without understanding who the signal-caller is.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss, who has extremely precise and helpful insight on the group, signed up with “Get Up” Monday early morning and offered an upgrade.

“Here’s the summary: there’s no sure-fire answer for the Patriots,” Reiss stated, transcribed by WEEI. “Here’s how someone in the organization explained it to me: they said, ‘We’re going to do what we always do. Explore every option. It could be the draft. Could be free agency. Could be trade.’ And they feel like they are in a good financial position with the salary cap that if the right opportunity presents itself that they can pounce.

“There is one other thought from those around this situation that timing is important for them to get a quarterback for the start of free agency so if they are out recruiting a top receiver or a top tight end, that player knows who might be throwing them the football, so that aspect is part of this conversation as well.”

From what it appears like, the Patriots are simply as uncertain about their future quarterback as everybody making speculation. The NFL draft is over 2 months away and and totally free company won’t occur for another month, so the waiting video game will continue to remain in play concerning the Patriots’ quarterback scenario.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.