Ermine Frosting –

Ermine Icing is a kind of buttercream that is prepared on the range. It is light, fluffy, and has simply the correct amount of sweet taste. It is distinctly less sweet than a basic buttercream, and sets wonderfully with almost any cake you can think of!

A knife spreading ermine frosting on top of a red velvet cake.

Exists such a thing as a lot of frosting choices? We believe not. Each range of icing fits in the dessert world. The majority of them are extremely interchangeable, having the ability to switch out one icing for another in a dish. While this is the traditional icing to set with a red velour cake, the majority of the choice of which icing to utilize just boils down to your own individual taste choices. For us, we take pleasure in having a big toolbox of icing choices to select from. Ermine icing is a welcome addition to all of the numerous icings that came prior to it. It is light, fluffy, and completely sweet. You’re going to enjoy it!


You can make ermine icing utilizing anywhere from 1% to complete fat milk, nevertheless we do extremely suggest entire milk for that complete fat material. We never ever suggest utilizing skim milk for anything. 

Sugar Options: 

We choose to keep our ermine icing standard with granulated white sugar. Do not hesitate to experiment with various kinds of sugar to find what you like best!

Cooking Suggestion:

While it might be appealing to crank up the heat to prepare quicker, you will run the risk of heating the milk. Low and sluggish is the very best method to prepare ermine icing.


Ermine icing holds up incredibly well to piping. Do not hesitate to pick your preferred suggestion and pipeline away!

Troubleshooting: Runny Icing

If you utilized butter that was neglected too long in hot temperature levels, it is most likely your icing will be too soft to pipeline. Ensure to utilize softened butter, however to keep track of how soft it gets on warmer days. You can constantly put it in the fridge for thirty minutes to motivate it to tighten a bit. 

Make Ahead Recommendations: 

You can make this frosting as much as 1 week beforehand, so long as it is kept in an airtight ziplock bag in the fridge. If you require longer term storage, freeze your ziplock bag of icing flat and shop in the freezer for as much as 3 months. Defrost in the fridge overnight, and after that let concern space temperature level prior to piping.

Overhead view of a glass bowl filled with ermine frosting with mixer beaters in it.

Storage Directions: 

Ermine icing can be left at space temperature level for as much as 6 hours. Beyond that, it requires to be kept in the fridge.

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