Epic Games Store paid $146M for Borderlands 3 exclusivity, but recouped it quickly

The Legendary Games vs. Apple claim began its trial stage on Monday, and currently the case files are offering a constant drip of trade tricks essential to Legendary Games and the Legendary Games Shop, in specific.

Another case display reveals that Legendary paid 2K Games $146 million, in advance, to offer 2019’s Borderlands 3 for Windows PC solely through the Legendary Games Shop. Legendary made back $80 million (the minimum sales it ensured to 2K) in the very first 2 weeks, the file states.

text of a court exhibit breaking down what Epic Games paid to 2K Games to exclusively sell Borderlands 3: $80 million minimum sales guarantee, $15 million marking charge, $20 million one-time fee; $31 million to sell bundles for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Civilization. The total is $146 million. Epic made back $109.2 million two weeks after Borderlands 3’s launch in September 2019.

Image: Simon Carless/Twitter

The $146 million cost makes up the minimum assurance, a $15 million marketing dedication, and another $20 million charge, plus $31 million to offer Borderlands: The Good-looking Collection and a Civilization package on the Legendary Games Shop. Legendary made back $109.2 million in those very first 2 weeks, including more than 750,000 brand-new users to the Legendary Games Shop thanks to Borderlands 3 alone.

It’s another look of how Legendary Games, in less than a year, developed an online store and made it a reputable competitor to Valve’s Steam market. Other case files clarified just how much Legendary paid designers and publishers for the video games it has actually been handing out to brand-new users monthly given that beginning the shop in December 2018.

Legendary’s endeavor into online sales nearly instantly triggered outrage amongst some PC players, starting with Deep Silver’s statement in January 2019 that City Exodus would be an Impressive Games Shop unique. Valve itself grumbled that the unique offer was unreasonable to Steam consumers, who had actually currently been preordering City Exodus. Steam needed to terminate sales of City Exodus completely and didn’t get the video game back up until 2020.

With Borderlands 3, mad Steam users flooded the item pages for Borderlands 2 with off-topic, unfavorable ratings. It was the very first video game to set off flags Steam set for “review bombs.”

In marketing to both designers and the general public, Legendary was targeting Steam’s commonly promoted 30% cut of sales as unreasonable and unjust, countering with its 12% cut for video games offered on the Legendary Games Shop. Legendary likewise defines Apple’s 30% take of sales from its App Shop — for both apps and their in-app purchases — as greedy and anti-developer.

In August 2020, Legendary intentionally crafted a circumvention of Apple’s in-app purchase procedure for Fortnite’s V-Bucks, which got the video game began the App Shop and began the claims playing out in court now.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.