Encanto soundtrack reaches the top of the Billboard 100

When it comes to the specific tunes, it ought to come as not a surprise to anybody who’s enjoyed the film that the transmittable “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is the most pop music on the soundtrack. The tune is presently the most streamed tune on Spotify and is the very first Disney Animation tune because Frozen’s “Let it Go” to strike the Leading 5 of the Leading 100. Significantly, the reggaeton earworm is not the tune that Disney sent for Oscar factor to consider. That goes to soft Spanish lullaby “Dos Oruguitas.” It is the only tune from the film sent, likely in an effort to not divide the votes. And because the due date for submission was Nov. 1, there was no other way Disney understood which tune would remove. The acoustic and bittersweet “Dos Oruguitas” — which comes at a significant tear-jerking minute in the movie — is a more standard fit.

Encanto follows a wonderful household in Colombia, where each of the members is blessed with an incredible present — other than for adventurous Mirabel. When the magic is threatened, Mirabel sets out to wait. Filmmakers Jared Bush and Byron Howard looked for to “evolve the Disney musical” and in doing so, leaned method more into musical comedy perceptiveness than Disney motion pictures previous — each tune in Encanto effectively and successfully stimulates on the plot and character advancement. And they’re so damn catchy!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.