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Emily Reveals Fitness Routine To Hit Weight Loss Goal

90 Day Fiancé star Emily Bieberly has reached a hurdle in her weight loss journey. She’s trying a new fitness routine to help her lose 80 pounds.

90 Day Fiancé star Emily Bieberly has a new fitness routine to help her lose 80 pounds as she struggles with her weight loss. 30-year-old Emily is one of the newest cast members of TLC to show a remarkable change in personality after her season ended. While Emily was slammed for her spoiled-brat personality on season 9, Pillow Talk episodes featuring her and Kobe Blaise have revealed she may have been a victim of bad editing. Emily as a new mom is relatable to fans because she’s honest, not only about her parenting journey but also is often seen talking about her transformation on Instagram by posting real, and raw before and after pics.


Emily was in China teaching English to kids at a summer camp when she met Kobe at a bar and became pregnant unexpectedly. Pregnancy made Emily gain weight and getting pregnant again before her first son had turned two brought about changes in her body. In her new Instagram stories, Emily told her followers that she is not a mom who loses weight by breastfeeding. She recalled people telling her that she would lose all her weight by breastfeeding when she was pregnant with Koban. 90 Day Fiancé celeb Emily thinks it’s her body telling her that she can’t lose weight because she’s “producing milk.” Emily says she noticed a difference in her face but when she puts on clothes, she hasn’t dropped a size like she thinks she has. Emily admits she’s not going to go to the gym five days a week. She also has a diet that she’s going to start following.

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90 Day Fiancé Star Emily Admits To Past 80 Pounds Weight Loss

Emily has talked about how she’s lost weight in the past, only for her to gain it again. She told fans about how she once lost 80 pounds in the blink of an eye. “But I keep blinking and here it is,” she added woefully. 90 Day Fiancé star Emily has promised herself that she’s now going to track her food again. She is going to increase her water intake. “No sugar during the week,” Emily added. She asked her fans if they have faced a similar dilemma about not losing weight while breastfeeding. It is “frustrating” to Emily who’s even talked to a doctor about it. Because she’s still breastfeeding Scarlet, Emily hopes her weight will come off once she stops.

Emily has been showing fans photos from her past when she loved her size. Emily was 147 pounds when she thought she had her best physique. She says she’s far from 147 pounds now. Emily wants to be around 170 pounds to 180 pounds as she continues putting in the hard work. Emily began her weight loss around a year ago when she welcomed baby Scarlet into the world. Encapsulating her placenta was Emily’s first step towards focusing on her body. It seems to have cured Emily of her anxiety.

Emily also lost some weight within two weeks of giving birth thanks to the pills, which was basically her eating her own dehydrated placenta. While that may have been a quick fix, Emily is not taking the easy way out when it comes to getting back to her desired shape. Many 90 Day Fiancé stars have resorted to getting plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures so they could lose weight instantaneously. But for reality TV star Emily, the Kansas woman wants to take things slow, steady, and certainly healthy.

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