Ember: Console Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Ember: Console Edition

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Ash: Console Edition

N-Fusion Interactive

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About Ash

Back in the earliest days, there was no sun and the world was dark. The paradises opened and stars fell like beacons into the pitch black world, and they were called “Embers”. Effective and sensible druids of a prehistoric race, “the Lightbringers," roamed the land searching for this luminous matter. They performed a ritual of awakening to call the “Embers” out of their deep sleep. Unexpectedly the world ended up being brilliant, and the veil of darkness was raised. The Embers were the personification of wonderful flame, light, and life, however as word spread about the large power of the Embers, they became hunted and recorded…therefore the War for Ash started…

Gameplay summary

An enthusiasm task ten years in the making, Ash is a tribute to traditional role-playing video games (RPG). Go into the world of Ash as a reanimated “Lightbringer” summoned to safeguard the passing away Cinders as the world is on the verge of collapse. Starting in the Deep Barrows, pass through large environments divided in between above ground and underground worlds – varying from lavish forests to dry deserts and dark voids – to reach the City of Light. See how the story unfolds through encounters with complete strangers by making essential choices about your own fate.

Item Details:
Designer: N-Fusion Interactive
Publisher: N-Fusion Interactive
Site: Ash
Twitter: @N_Fusion

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