Elizabethtown College student is using genetic genealogy to help police crack cold cases

The week he finished high school, Eric got an e-mail from a cops department in Montgomery County, Pa requesting for his aid on a cold case.

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. — Nineteen-year-old Eric Schubert was initially thinking about genealogy when he had to do with 10 years old and ill in your home. 

 “My mom saw an ancestry commercial or something like that–so she just suggested maybe I past some of the time–do something interesting,” stated Schubert.

5 years later on, he had to do with 15 and trying to find a job that would keep him hectic.

“I resembled…You understand what? I question if there is any regional interest for me to assist you understand–my next-door neighbors and those kind of individuals out with their ancestral tree,” he stated.

Eric states he undervalued the quantity of individuals who would connect for aid.

He wound up assisting individuals in your area and all throughout his house state of brand-new jersey.

The week he finished high school, Eric got an e-mail from a cops department in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania requesting for his aid on a cold case.

“I wasn’t sure if I should do it, is this a murder? is somebody going to follow me? like I was hardly 18, I was  a little anxious,” he stated.

He had the ability to split his very first cold case a number of months back by utilizing hereditary genealogy, however Eric states the information of the case haven’t been revealed yet.

“When the puzzle pieces all click together—it is amazing because all the effort you put into this regardless if it took you 11 months—it all pays off because you found who you were looking for,” he said.

Eric is now working on about a dozen cold cases with police departments across the country as well as continuing to help reconnect families.

He says even if he doesn’t pursue this as full time career, he will always be involved in some form.

“Just because I can’t stay away and as long as there is a need I’ll go for it,” he said.  

Eric says he’s helped at least one thousand families so far.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.