El Chapo’s brother and 2 others indicted on drug trafficking charges

A federal grand jury in Tucson returned superseding indictments in November 2019 and February 2020 versus cartel members Aureliano Guzman-Loera of Sinaloa, Mexico, along with bros Ruperto, Jose, and Heriberto Salgueiro-Nevarez of Guadalupe Y Calvo, Mexico, according to a news release from the United States Lawyer’s workplace on Friday.

One year after being sentenced, 'El Chapo' is hoping an appeal can get him out of Supermax, his lawyer says

“The indictments allege various violations of United States law related to the international distribution of controlled substances, including fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana, occurring over several years,” the release stated.

In February 2019, El Chapo was founded guilty on 10 counts, consisting of taking part in a continuing criminal business, conspiracy to wash narcotics profits, worldwide circulation of drug, heroin, cannabis and other drugs.

He is serving his life sentence in Colorado’s Supermax jail.

The spouse of El Chapo, Emma Coronel Aispuro, pleaded guilty in June in a federal court in Washington to drug trafficking and cash laundering charges associated with her partner’s narcotics empire.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.