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Cobb, chef, caesar, garden, phew! We like that there is never ever an absence of salad choices. Primarily, we simply desire our salads to be very delicious and filling. While we’re understood to include a little salad to the side of supper occasionally, we primarily like that they are a healthy, fast and simple lunch that never ever dissatisfies. We are constantly a bit shocked to see the large quantity of topping that go on this Cobb Salad. It is seriously jam-packed with as numerous garnishes as possible, and we definitely like it. Do not hesitate to personalize your garnishes to your own taste choices, and absolutely go heavy handed on the bacon.

What is the distinction in between chef salad and Cobb salad? 

Chef salad and Cobb salad are really comparable. They both generally consist of, meat, cheese, hardboiled eggs, and bacon. We generally base our choice of which salad to make on our present stash of ripe avocados! Cobb salad requires various meat and cheese, and consists of those avocados. Instead of a velvety dressing, you are more than likely to discover a vinaigrette dressing on your Cobb salad. Truly, we like them both!


Watercress is from the very same household as kale. It has a intense, peppery taste, and is jam-packed loaded with nutrients. We like the addition of watercress in a Cobb Salad. 

If you don’t like watercress or have a difficult time discovering it, you can replace with iceberg lettuce.

Meat Options: 

You have a lots of choices when it concerns including meat into this salad. If you wish to stick with chicken, you can keep it basic and purchase pre-cooked chicken or perhaps utilize remaining rotisserie chicken. In the state of mind for something various? Attempt turkey breast, steak, or perhaps shrimp! 

Can I make Cobb Salad vegetarian?

You definitely can! There are numerous garnishes on this salad that you won’t even miss out on the meat! Do not hesitate to go heavier on the blue cheese falls apart, avocados, and egg to make it filling enough.

Salad Dressing:

We can’t get enough of this homemade vinaigrette! If you don’t like vinaigrette dressings, do not hesitate to utilize your preferred store-bought salad dressing. 

Serving Recommendations: 

Is it a side salad or the main dish? You choose! We like to utilize this as a side salad at supper, however we have actually likewise been understood to make it a complete mean by itself. You do you!

Make Ahead Recommendations: 

There is a lot going on in this salad, it makes it too simple to get soaked or ruin rapidly. You can constantly prepare your salad and garnishes and wait to include the dressing till all set to serve. We like to keep private active ingredients prepped at the start of the week to put together private cobb salads for lunches. 

If you like this impersonating much as we do, you will wish to constantly keep some in your refrigerator! Dressing saved by itself ought to last approximately 1 week.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.